Your Money At Work

The great work our organization does would not be possible without supporters and donors like YOU! All the donations we recieve go towards improving the lives of our clients--keep scrolling to see how!

Adults with developmental disabilites on the DDD Waiting List

The Life of a Donor Dollar

When you donate to The Rose House, you can be confident that your money is going towards improving the lives of adults with developmental disabilites. These are just a few examples of where donations have gone in the past.

Rock-N-Rollin' Café

This year we were able to expand our vocational program with a new mobile food trailer, the Rock-N-Rollin' Café, meaning more community interaction and paying jobs for our clients.

Client Experiences

Donations allow our clients to experience the world beyond our residencies. Past trips have included Dorney Park, Bronx Zoo, and Atlantic City. Additionally, donations allow some of our clients to attend special camps and programs.

Home Improvements

Donations allows us to keep our homes up-to-date! Recently, whole-house generators were purchased allowing us to keep our clients safe and comfortable during power outages.

" I love what we do. The fact that I can work in an organization that helps people, I just love that!"- Theresa, Administrative Coordinator

Help our clients achieve their goals!